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Campers' Paradise is a bird-watcher's paradise, too! Our Island's forest, marshes and shoreline attract a bevy of wild birds. When you come to Campers' Paradise, keep your eyes peeled and let us know what birds you spot on -- or off -- the island.

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News from the Island

Schoolhouse Little Free Library for kids

Kids run out of books? Check out the new library just for them!
No matter how many books you bring to savor during your visit to the Island, it seems like it’s never enough. Last year, the Little Free Library for grown-ups opened, and now there’s one just for kids!Young girl getting a book from the library

It was made by Rob Painschab, Robbie Painschab, Jr., and Cody Painschab in memory of Rob’s brother, Dave Roufs, and Dave’s daughter, Natalie Roufs. Rob's sister, Sue, and each of her kids, added books to the library.

Thank you to the Painschabs for honoring the Roufs family, who have been long-time guests at Hands holding "In memory of" plaqueCampers’ Paradise. So check out what’s in the library or leave one behind for other kiddos. You’ll find it between the office and Cabin 2.

Fish are biting on Belle Taine
The Troutman and Jacobson families are among hundreds of Campers' Paradise guests who have dropped a line in the waters of Lake Belle Taine this summer and landed everything from panfish to lunkers. Share your 2020 fishing photos at

Don't just toss, recycle
This season, we've added a blue recycling bin near the garbage dumpster. We hope you'll take advantage of easily recycling paper, glass, aluminum, cans, cardboard, etc. Check the panel on the side of the bin for what's accepted and what isn't.

Grab a read, share a read
Group installing a little free library.During the off-season, the Wollin and Whiteman families had a brainstorm. Why not build a Little Free Library (LFL)for Campers' Paradise? So they did! The Island now boasts a cabinesque LFL open to anyone interested in "checking out" a summer beach read or leaving one for others to enjoy.

Here's how it works: you see a book you like, you borrow it and return it when you're done. If you really, really like it, you can keep it. If you've just read a super book and want to share it, put it in the library. No library card, no sign-in/sign-out sheet required. The LFL is stocked with books for kids, teens and adults; you'll find it by the office.

A huge Campers' Paradise thanks to the Wollins and Whitemans for making their brainstorm a reality and sharing it with the guests at Campers' Paradise!

Take a hike
Whether it's a power walk to the mailbox on the mainland, a stroll through the towering pines or a quick loop or two around the island on your bike, check out our fitness map for the Island. Now you'll know just how far your route will take you. And maybe you can indulge in that extra s'more around the campfire.


Logo for Goin' to the Lake TV featureWCCO came to our lake!
Twin Cities TV station WCCO featured Lake Belle Taine and Campers' Paradise on its summer-long feature, "Goin' to the Lake." You can still catch the segment at


Help us keep Lake Belle Taine free of invasive species
If you plan to bring watercraft -- fishing boat, personal watercraft, sailboat, etc. – on your Campers’ Paradise vacation, please fill out this one-page form. See the details on our Policies page.

Lake with blue sky and white cloudsEverything you want to know about Lake Belle Taine
Want to know more about Lake Belle Taine? Check out the Minnesota DNR's Lake Finder for info about our favorite lake from water clarity to lake maps to a fish survey to water levels.


Preserving, updating our historic cabins
Corner of cabin showing new chinking.Our historic log camping cabins, built in the '20s by Finnish craftsmen, were in need of some exterior TLC to help preserve them. In 2011, the logs were "sandblasted" with corn cobs to remove any damaged wood. Those areas were then repaired. The spacesCabin with newly refinished logs and painted trim. between the logs were "remortared" and a new coat of paint applied to the trim. Here's how they look all spruced up. And this year, all the cabins and the showerhouse got classy new forest-green metal roofs. Very "in" and very retro.

E-mail us your photos
Whether it’s a group shot from your first visit in 1972 or Two boys tubing -- one is excited, the other is afraid. a picture of last year’s fish that didn’t get away, we’d love to share your photos on our Web site. Please e-mail us your favorite photos that capture the Campers’ Paradise experience, and we’ll post them in our gallery. For more info, click on Gallery.