Help us build our 2016 wild bird list

Campers' Paradise is a bird-watcher's paradise, too! Our Island's forest, marshes and shoreline attract a bevy of wild birds. When you come to Campers' Paradise, keep your eyes peeled and let us know what birds you spot on -- or off -- the island.

To add a bird to the list, tell us in the office or send us an e-mail at

2016 wild bird list
Eagles (3 offspring!)
King bird
Yellow warbler
Red-winged blackbird
Baltimore oriole
Green heron
Blue jay
Great horned owl (heard)
Mourning dove
Red-tailed hawk
Sandhill cranes (& young)
Canada geese
Great blue heron

News from the Island


Logo for Goin' to the Lake TV featureWCCO came to our lake!
As part of Twin Cities TV station WCCO's summer-long feature, "Goin' to the Lake," reporters Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer visited Lake Belle Taine -- and they stopped at Campers' Paradise! The segment was aired on Channel 4 Thursday, June 23 at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and Friday, June 24 at 5 and 6 p.m. Or you can watch it anytime at

Help us keep Lake Belle Taine free of invasive species!
Help us keep beautiful Lake Belle Taine free of aquatic invasive species! This year, we’re supporting the Department of Natural Resource’s efforts to ensure these species don’t hitchhike on watercraft and take up residence in our lake.

If you plan to bring watercraft -- fishing boat, personal watercraft, sailboat, etc. – on your Campers’ Paradise vacation, please fill out this one-page form.

Please do not launch your boat at the Campers’ Paradise launch. All watercraft launching now will be at the Nevis dock. Inspectors there will collect the form and check your watercraft before it’s put in the water. Our office staff have information about inspection hours.

Thank you for your cooperation with this new process to keep Belle Taine clean and free of aquatic hitchhikers.

Campers' Paradise hosts fishing tourney
On June 11, the Cirks Brothers Memorial Scholarship Fishing Tournament drew anglers came from near and far to test their wits against the wilyFishing tournament competitors in boats off beach fish of Lake Belle Taine. And the Main Beach at Campers' Paradise was Tourney Central with anglers bringing in their catch for official weigh-in and measuring. The weather sunny, the tourney was for a good cause (the $10 registration goes to a scholarship fund) and it was a great day to wet a line. Congratulations to all the winners!

Take a hike!
Walkers, hikers, bikers and joggers love stretching their legs (or working off those s'mores) on the Island's roads and paths. But we're always getting asked, "How far..." So we've created a fitness map for the Island, complete with distances for all the trails, roads and paths. Yes, it really is 1.28 miles from the office to our main entrance sign! Print out and pack copies before you head to the Island.

Lake with blue sky and white cloudsEverything you want to know about Lake Belle Taine
Want to know more about Lake Belle Taine? Check out the Minnesota DNR's Lake Finder for info about our favorite lake from water clarity to lake maps to a fish survey to water levels.


Preserving our historic cabins
Corner of cabin showing new chinking.Our historic log camping cabins, built in the '20s by Finnish craftsmen, were in need of some exterior TLC to help preserve them. In 2011, the logs were "sandblasted" with corn cobs to remove any damaged wood. Those areas were then repaired. The spaces between the logs were "remortared" and a new coat of paint applied to the trim. Here's how they look all spruced up.
Cabin with newly refinished logs and painted trim.

E-mail us your photos
Whether it’s a group shot from your first visit in 1972 or Two boys tubing -- one is excited, the other is afraid. a picture of last year’s fish that didn’t get away, we’d love to share your photos on our Web site. Please e-mail us your favorite photos that capture the Campers’ Paradise experience, and we’ll post them in our gallery. For more info, click on Gallery.